Where And Why Food Warmers Are Required?

Whether it is your favorite cheesy pasta or steamed rice, food is a delectable experience if enjoyed hot. Throughout the years, the food industry has adopted technology in several means and improvised its form and cooking criteria to a great extent.

Earlier, to have picture perfect and tasty food, people used to head toward restaurants or hotels, but now, as a wide spectrum of commercial and domestic kitchen equipment have landed up in the market, food freaks are blessed to enjoy cooking and eating whatever they wish to in any odd hour of the day.

Amidst the different commercial kitchen equipment, food warmers and refrigerators are a must to have the equipment. No matter you want to cook a multi-cuisine dish or an authentic traditional platter, from freezing ice creams to turning your favorite salmon, these two types of equipment (food warmer and refrigerator) cannot be replaced or beaten anyhow.

For today, we are going to take food warmers into the limelight and will discuss all its usage and types.

Let’s start with knowing its variant models available in the market.

  1. Pot warmers – As the name suggests, these warmers are in the shape of handy pots which can be placed either on your dining table or on the congested kitchen shelf easily. Its authentic model was made up for gas heating but now it is available in electronic models too.
  1. Radiant warmers – Often seen being used by street food sellers with a pan like a shape. The heating temperature for such warmers can be adjusted accordingly and it’s quite easily available in the market.
  1. Cabinet warmers – Generally found in college canteens or in a moving food van where you are served with more than 4-5 dishes. Also known as Bain Marie, It has small cabinets to segregate the dishes.
  1. Buffet food warmers – In order to keep the food warm for the guests, almost every party has it. Such food warmers are high in quality as according to the requirements.
  1. Portable warmers – Call it portable warmer or electronic lunch box, it’s similar. These lunch boxes can be carried anywhere, all you need is to plug them and wait for the food to get warm.

Businesses where food warmers are used the most-

  1. College canteen – To serve students with warm and delightful food, many college canteens install it. Though, it runs either on gas energy or on electricity.
  1. Restaurants – Eating points where buffet system is quite a trend, a need of buffet warmer is quite common.
  1. Event management/ organizers – To keep the food cozy and warm for long, generally, event organizers install a food warmer on the buffet.
  1. Beverage corner – In order to keep the beverages like- patties, pasta pie etc warm and creamy, most of the beverage stores install it.

The bottom line-

Though, food warmers are available in a number of options but its usage and purchase it completely dependent on your requirements. For domestic purposes, a high majority of people prefer pot warmers whereas, for commercial uses, cabinet or buffet warmers are recommended the most.

Silvia Smith