What is Fitrana?

Religions are meant to maintain a sense of peace and harmony in the entire world. Almost every religion teaches the apt manner and way of walking on the holy pathway of humanity and being helpful and continues practicing such saintly activities in their own way. This has ultimately given rise to the noble cause and a sense of creating peace among the people.

Just like any other, Islamic culture also teaches the true value of helping others and making donations. And to celebrate such humanity causes they practice Fitrana (also known as Zakat-Al-Fitr).

Many of you, of course, the non-Muslims are often not familiar with such terms but would wish to celebrate it. For those, there is nothing better than celebrating such noble festivals which come with a lot of human work and your righteous or crystal-clear intent to help those who need it.

A Crux of Islamic Culture-

In the Islamic culture or religion, it is been discussed or said that the born of an individual is meant to help others and create a healthy as well as the harmonious environment in the world, making it a better place to live. Continuing this culture, Muslims throughout the world, celebrate Fitrana which falls after the pious and holy month of Ramadan.

For those who do not know the meaning of Ramadan, it is a pious month of the Islamic calendar in which the Muslims are supposed to fast for the entire month while making donations and helping people who need it the most. And amidst, all those practices, there is one called Zakat-Al-Fitr or Fitrana.

The actual concept of Fitrana-

The word ‘Fitrana’ has been taken from an Arabic word called ‘Fitrah’ and later extracted to ‘Fitrana’ in the English language. The basic idea of translating it into English was to let the entire world observe and understand its meaning.

In the pious Islamic culture, every Muslim who practices Islamic religion seriously has to practice all the rituals and it’s mandatory to accomplish at least once in a year. Fitrana is more of a charity work where one is required to help the needy people in any form. It can be through-

1-    Money

2-    Cloths

3-    Educational funding

4-    Home

5-    A share of property

6-    Or any other specific requirement demanded/ asked or requested by the needy people.

Keeping in mind the Islamic traditions, privileged Muslims are supposed to help the underprivileged people and making them understand the actual meaning of being in the vision and noble deeds of the Almighty.

When it comes to money or donating property, the Muslims are required to take the help of a Zakat calculator which can be found easily on the internet, nowadays. This calculator helps you come up with an apt amount to be donated according to your spirituality level and the sum of property you own.

The concluding words-

Zakat-Al-Fitr or Fitrana is a mandatory noble cause to be performed where a Muslim has to donate either his property or money which further is calculated through a Zakat calculator.

Silvia Smith