What Are The Baby Teething Symptoms?

Taking good care of a baby is quite a hard task to do. This is one such job where you have to give all your attention 24*7, especially between the time epoch of 6 months to 2 years at least. This is the time when your newborn will be discharging white pearly teeth. And during this, you may have to get to see the weirdest phase of parenting.

Parenting is a huge responsibility where you have to keep in mind a lot of aspects. Right from the baby diet to baby teething symptoms, you need to understand everything, just to pamper your infant in the best possible manner.

In case, you are one of those would be mothers who are likely to expect their first baby in forthcoming time then here is a quick guide for you all to understand when your little munchkin will be popping out his/ her teeth.

Baby teething time duration-

For every baby, this time duration is different. Generally, the kids start to grow teeth from 6 months to 14 months. The detailed time epoch is somewhat like-

  1. Between the 6 months- lower central portion
  2. Between the 8 months- Upper central portion
  3. Between 10 to 14 months- lower and upper portion
  4. In 14th month- first molars
  5. 18th month- canines
  6. In 24th month- second molars

To get ready for taking care of your infant, you need to be familiar with the symptoms of baby teething. Here are a few of the symptoms which will help you understand the concept properly.

  1. Usual biting – Although kids are in love with biting everything they see but this habit becomes frequent when they start to grow their teeth. When you witness your baby crying or feeling irrigating while biting anything which is sharp or hard consider it the time to take care of your baby.
  1. Excessive saliva – During this time, kids often start to release excessive saliva on their cloth or anywhere they sit for long. It happens because of the clumsy muscles which don’t stop the flow of saliva.
  1. Sleepless nights – Your kid will stop having that sound sleep even for a single hour.
  1. Fever, diarrhea & cough – An excessive cough, high fever or constant diarrhea problems are a few other symptoms which may be giving you the signs that your baby is growing old with every passing day, so pay attention to it.
  1. Bad digestion – No matter it’s his/ her favorite cerelac flavor or fruit, your baby won’t be able to digest food for long while growing teeth.
  1. Rubbing cheeks – That constant itching will make him/ her cheeks rub roughly. Do not ignore if your baby is doing the same.

The final word-

These symptoms are hard to understand at once but when you get to know about it, make sure to pay extra attention to your kid’s health care. Be it the diet or sleeping posture, you need to be careful about all aspects.

Silvia Smith