Timing Belt Replacement

Open exposed in the city or on cars multiplying the starts, the timing belt is an important part of the mechanics of your car. The timing belt is the link between the fuel injection pump, the crankshaft, the water pump and the camshafts controlling the intake and exhaust valves. Driven by the crankshaft sprocket, the timing belt is actually a toothed belt.

The timing belt replacement is quieter, easier to install but also less expensive to manufacture. It became widespread on the models at the end of the 20th century. It is composed of different materials and usually covered with ultra-resistant rubber. But to work optimally, the belt should not be too worn, which can relax it. Price of a change of timing belt, intervention, role and life time, here is what to remember.

Timing belt: what is its role?

The timing belt is an essential element of a car since it allows the good synchronization of the engine components. For the engine to operate properly, the crankshaft and camshafts must be aligned. This is the role of the timing belt assembly or its replacement. During engine operation, the timing belt must ensure perfect synchronization between the continuous movements of the pistons and the valves. Damage therefore has significant consequences on the engine of your car.