The 10 Best Drama Schools

The 10 Best Drama Schools for an Acting Degree

The techniques and tricks of the trade that you will learn when studying for an acting degree give you advantages and an edge when beginning your career. But where to go? There is a lot of acting schools out there and all seem to be offering the same kind of tuition. But which ones are the top of their trade? Obtaining an acting qualification can be expensive, so you want to make sure you have done your research and go for the top choice before you spend your money. Here is the list of the 10 best drama schools to attend and gain an acting degree.

Yale School of Drama, Connecticut

Produces more Oscar nominations than any other school! They should put that over the entrance! Sigourney Weaver went here, as did Lupita Nyong’o. But their biggest success story is the reigning queen of the screen, Meryl Streep. Say no more.

Brown, Rhode Island

Brown university, the most elite school there is. Emma Watson and Laura Linney are amongst their top earner list. The acting degree here is over 3 years and it is one of the most intense and focused curriculum out there. If you are serious about your craft, then Brown university is the place for you.

USC School of Dramatic Arts

It’s in LA! The home of Hollywood…maybe you might even soak up some of the atmosphere while there. Plus, it’s pretty handy to be in the home of movies, more chance of getting spotted by a Director! This university places most of the importance on screen acting and the course is as diverse as it is interesting

Julliard, New York

New to the acting degree scene, only have put the program in place in 2012, however undergrads like Viola Davis attended here. The location is awe inspiring and the attention to detail in the course will give graduates a great backing when they enter into the real world of acting.

Cal Arts, California

A bit more of relaxed and laid back atmosphere here but it still gets the job done. However, it is still right at the heart of acting and has cutting edge technical and theatrical auditoriums.

DePaul, Chicago

Anywhere that John C Reilly goes to learn his craft should be good enough for you! It has rehearsal studios, theaters, construction shops…everything a budding actor needs. It accepts more students than anywhere else, which gives you exposure to many other talents and cultures and expands your experience.


I LOVE LA! Again the focus here is very much on screen performances, plus you are right there when directors and casting agents come a knocking!

Florida State University

The jewel in this courses’ crown is that in year two the students have the opportunity to study in London, all expense paid. The acting MFA here is taken very seriously and the students are fully engaged in the course.

University of Washington, Seattle

Producing stellar graduates over the years, like the infamous Kyle MacLachlan. It boasts the highly talented Todd London as it’s executive director.

University of Tennessee

An equity card awaits candidates once they graduate! Also, it offers 8 scholarships per year so a chance for no student debt. Good option!

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