Qurban- An act of Sacrifice

A celebration of self-giving

Stepping ahead to sacrifice is one major gateway to the peace of mind. Now, this statement can be well defined by citing the instance of ‘Qurban’- An Islamic festival, promoting sacrifice. Celebrated for good 3 days, this festival signifies the end of ‘Hajj’ as well. One dominant factor behind this ceremony is giving tribute to the Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice to God.

Many of you may not be familiar with the origin of ‘Qurban’ (also pronounced as Korban). So, let’s check out the unrevealed history behind it.

Qurban’s past-

The history of Qurban revolves around Prophet Abraham. Being a true devotee of ‘Allah,’ he never refused to help needy or do anything for the sake of mankind. One night, in his dream, God came & asked to sacrifice his own first child (Ishmael). To this, Abraham hesitated and thought how he can sacrifice his own flesh and blood. But, thinking of his belief in God, his final verdict was to let go his elder son.

Accepting this will of God, both (father & son) went to the spot of sacrifice where Abraham told Ishmael about why & how he (Abraham) is going to sacrifice him. While their journey, the devil appeared thrice in front of Ishmael asking him to stab back & run for his own life. But, keeping believes in his father, he walked toward the spot willingly.

When Ishmael kept his head on the rock, Abraham, heavy-heartedly held a sword & was about to cut his own son when a ram came in between. Following this, came a voice which conveyed the message of God. The voice said God has received his sacrifice from your end, Abraham. You’re a true devotee.

From then, the ritual of sacrificing started and is celebrated as ‘Qurban.’

In order to know more about how it is celebrated then and now, you can find out more information about Qurban here.

How & when it is celebrated?

A certain protocol is followed to ritualize this Islamic festival. Right from dress sense to served dishes, everything is unique.  It is observed during the Hajj season & lasts for 3 days at least. The concept is all about sacrificing meat in the name of God (Allah). Devotees are only permitted to use sheep, goat, buffalo, camel, and cow to sacrifice it to their Almighty. Else than these, if any other animal is used to celebrate Qurban is considered equal to a sin.

Depending on the will, many Islamic families cook end numbers of dishes, but cooking the sacrificed meat is mandatory. Once the meal is prepared, it is segregated into three different portions.

  1. The first portion is reserved for the needy & poor people
  2. The second portion is for the family, friends & neighbors
  3. And, the third one is for the one who performs the act of sacrificing

It is considered that Allah grants people blessings even before the blood of the sacrificed animal touches the ground. In the Islamic religion, Qurban is the most pious practice which teaches the true meaning of surrendering yourself to the will of the Almighty.


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