How to Waterproof a Shower Base?

Home is home only when you know how to take care of it & preserve it in any manner. There is no doubt, keeping your home look exceptionally good is possible only when you know, you are getting done with the home repair at the right time.

Among the entire home repair issues, plumbing is something which asks for attention almost on a regular check because a minor fault can result in a major flaw in no time. Despite being all the problems and complications, people prefer to learn about plumbing skills.

If you do not wish to spare a hefty amount after every 15-20 days on your bathroom repair or any other minor plumbing issue like- shower waterproofing or fixing a leaky tap then check out this DIY which can let you fix it on your own.

  1. Measure area – Before anything else, you need to be proficient in measuring the right area that should be noticed & kept in mind. This not just brings perfection to your working criteria but let you perform better in any manner.
  1. Get a reinforcing membrane – Those who are associated with this profession can give a sound advice of coating it with reinforcing membrane. Make sure to cover it with proper sheeting to ensure a better fixture.
  1. Cut area for shower head fixing – After repairing the leakage, you need to fix the shower once again & to ensure it, make sure you cut the desired area to better fix the shower head at the desired location. This can be done only when you put a cut on the fixture place. Make sure you do it before applying waterproofing coating on the walls or flooring.
  1. Apply waterproof coating – Once you get done with the shower head fixing management and putting a layer of reinforcing membrane then comes applying a thick coating of waterproofing solution which somehow strengthens the process.
  1. Apply floor tray – In case, your flooring requires any kind of solution for the same then make sure to place a floor tray on the floor just to ensure a better working. This is not just done in order to give fix the floor but to make sure that the floor does not get affected.
  1. Put tiles – Let the solution get dry for at least 24 hours and then start putting on the tiles one by one. Though it is a bit long process to continue but it can let you have better results.

Though it is quite an easy process to conduct still in order to get a grip on the same, you need to learn about the different aspects of n experienced plumber. Apart from the skills, you need to know about the set of tools required for the same.

The final word-

Plumbing issues are a bit tricky to be handled and fixed because of its complex operations. Having the right skills and a set of tools can help you attain a better sense of executing plumbing.

Silvia Smith

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