How to fix your leaking shower?

The beauty of your home can be ruined just with a leaky shower or tap. These bathroom fitting issues may sound minor but can leave a huge impact on the overall look & feel of your home, especially bathroom. When encountering such issues, generally people look for a plumber or try to come up with a temporary solution for it. This somehow makes it necessary to attain general plumbing skills.

Being skillful doesn’t mean you need to work like a pro but at least possess knowledge and operations of every plumbing tool, so to stop your bathroom converting into a swimming pool.

Those who aren’t capable enough to handle such circumstances, go for tap or shower repair services in Brisbane or any other region of the world. For such purposes, there are many plumbing service providers who can cater to all your shower repair needs in Gold Coast or any other region of Australia. But always keep this in mind; your rainy days won’t let you have time to call your plumber first. So, be prepared to come up with a temporary solution for it.

Here is a full proof process to fix your leaking shower easily at home. Get to know this process & see how it can make you a warrior in those messy situations.

  1. Analyze everything- Before coming up with a toolkit, it’s always important to see what the exact fault is? See, how it can be fixed and using which tools. This may help you execute a better repair work. At this stage, you can even consult a plumber who can let you know about a temporary fix till he arrives & get it done.


  1. Remove the handle- In a majority of cases, the problem is either with the shower handle or faucet. Check the exact problematic area and easily remove the outer body (shower or shower handle). This is always the first step toward your shower fixing. Just make sure to do it with all your concern and care so you don’t put yourself in a bigger blunder anyhow.


  1. Remove cartridge properly- The major cause of leakage is a leaky cartridge which is more of a huge ring installed around the neck of shower or handle. It leaks due to high moisture thus you witness a leaky shower or tap. So, toward fixing it, the first step always should be removing it.


  1. Change it to a new one- Now comes changing it with a brand new one. When doing so, make sure you are using a branded cartridge which is completely dry. This can avoid moisture in the shower or handle leaks.


  1. Re-check before wrapping up- Before you get done with your work; just be sure, so you don’t have to fix it again.

The bottom line-

Fixing bathroom fitting issues is a no-brainer work, all you need is to be a bit conscious of the right tool usage and you are done with it. Just make sure to always carry a toolkit with you.

Silvia Smith

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