How to Fix a Leaking Tap?

A bad interior can be tolerated for once but when it comes to a leaking tap, it’s hard to manage and bear. With this, a plumber ultimately holds more value in our daily lives as compared to an architect or any other professional.

A leaky tap or uncommon bathroom fitting won’t trouble you after any intimation; such problems just come and can turn your bathroom into a swimming pool in no time. Now, to fix it, of course, you look for a plumber immediately which may take some time even.

If you often witness such vindicating circumstances, it’s better to get a permanent solution to your problem by understanding or getting your hands on the basic skills of plumbing.

Yes, fixing a leaky tap of your bathroom is no-brainer work; you just need to know about the plumbing basics and required tools. With this, you may not be able to fix the problem completely but yes, at least you can control the situation for a while.  So, let’s move further to check out the necessary steps that may help you to fix a dripping tap.

In order to temporarily fix your leaky tap, you may need a number of tools including- a small piece of cloth, O ring, jumper valve, screwdriver, tap lubricant, washer, wrench, etc.

Then comes fixing it and it should be accomplished through the mentioned procedure-

  1. Turn off the water supply – Start with turning off the water supply for that particular tap which you want to fix. Otherwise, you may end up having a drastic shower time.
  1. Remove the top cap – Now take a wrench and carefully remove the top headgear nut of the tap to change the washer. For this, you may have to judge if you need a screwdriver or a wrench. Using a wrong tool may end up breaking the top of the tap which again is another blender to be fixed only by the plumber.

  1. Replace the washer – The major cause behind the leaky tap is the damaged washer fixed around the body the tap. With this, water gradually drips out of the tap unnecessarily. Remove the damaged washer & replace it with the new one.
  1. Put a cloth around – In case, even after replacing the washer, you feel the tap isn’t fixed properly then put around a piece of cloth which can hold on the washer appropriately. With this, the new washer will get an extra safety layer to control water spillage.
  1. Reassemble tap – Then comes re-assembling the tap and repair bathroom tap. Put the outer body on and tighten all the headgear nuts properly.
  1. Tighten it with a wrench – To fix it aptly, tighten the tap with a wrench to avoid any default.


Having basic plumbing knowledge can always save you and your bathroom from immediately occurred hazards. Getting your hand on basic plumbing skills won’t cost you anything. Apart from having skills, you must have a plumbing tool kit with you always to get rid of such circumstances in no time.

Silvia Smith