How to Avoid Food Poisoning When Traveling?

No one would ever love to make diarrhea, vomiting or temperature their companions on the journey. This is the worst thing that could happen to you, especially when you’re travelling.

Though you may be head over heels with travelling and exploring new places but if you don’t take necessary precautions you may end up ruining your health instead of discovering a new world. It is the time when you come out of your comfort shell and bear the vindicating situations like travelling in public transportation and having food in street stalls.

This may let you have an opportunity to see the completely new world, experience new cuisines but at the same time, you play carelessly with your health too.

As per health researchers, more than 40% travellers get ill on their journeys and the reason is food poisoning. Sometimes spicy noodles or a mouth-watering burger may lure you all with its fragrance and appearance but later it can gift you some minor yet irritating health issues as well.

Now, the major issue is how you can save yourself from food poisoning? Let’s figure out the answer to it.

Here are few precautions that can keep you healthy & aware about your health all through your journey.
  1. Prefer a hygienic place – Look for a food corner where the food is stored in commercial chest freezers and fresh fruit juice is prepared with hygienic press juicers. Checking the right hygienic measures should be your first priority. Also, see how much people prefer to visit and eat there. This will quickly let you know about the genuine reputation of the food corner.
  1. Carry fruits or tetra pack juices with you – It is always better to avoid street food, especially when you’re travelling. Try to carry enough juicy fruits or juice which is packed in tetra container.

  1. Look for steaming meals – Hot and steaming food contains less amount of germs than a cold one. So, check if you’ve been served hot food or not. Even if you wish to have any beverage like veg petty, burger or anything, make sure to check if it is stored in any pie warmer, commercial provers or not. If possible ask them to give you freshly baked petty in a commercial convection oven. This is the best way to ensure your health safety.
  1. Dress up properly – In case, you’re travelling to any hill station then make sure to wear warm clothes. This will help you avoid pneumonia and sinus.
  1. Carry lemon or any other Vitamin C – If you feel like pukish, carry either lemon or vitamin C tablets. This is the best way to cure vomiting instantly.
  1. Keep sanitizer or paper soaps – It is hard to find water everywhere to clean your hands before eating. So, it’s wiser to carry a sanitizer with you. If not that, then you can even go for paper soaps which are quite handy.
  1. Be hydrated – Drink enough water that you don’t have to eat much during your journey. Long hours of sitting may make the food acidic thus you have food poisoning.

Wrapping up-

Taking the right health measures can help you enjoy your tour to the fullest. So, the next time you travel don’t just pack your bag but check on your health as well.

Silvia Smith