How is Technology Shaping The Future?

Think of a morning when you won’t get to see your mobile phone, washing machines or any other technical luxury. Seems like a nightmare, isn’t it? Well, by the time technology has knocked our doors, it has become almost impossible to live without it. Be it entertainment or profession, everything seems impossible without technology.

Undoubtedly, it has given us countless grandeur but among all here is the top 5 technical devices and technologies that have somehow helped us upgrade our lifestyle and of course now we can’t live them.

Take a look.
  1. Smartphones – It’s hard to deny that technology has made us almost its slave. Right from waking up till going to bed, we spend most of our time with technology. Yes, for once this might sound weird but that’s absolutely true. How? Well, look at your smartphone and you’ll get the answer to it. At present, this one device is enough to get us connected with the whole world. Right from shopping to earning money, everything can be done through smartphones. Really, it is a wonderful device.

  1. Internet – And among all the boons of technology, the internet is something that we can’t live without which is why different internet connection companies are running a turnover of billions and trillions on daily basis. Now, on top of this, we have got digital marketing as the biggest endowment that has given us the liberty to rule the internet. Now, see there are countless websites of similar niche, let’s say, you are running a coffee shop in Australia with having a competition from 15 other coffee shops. Digital marketing is one such source that can help us stand superior to others but only when we use it wisely.

  1. Computers – After smartphone, the most addictive technical device, computer or laptops have influenced a large majority of people. And most of them either are students or IT professionals. Undoubtedly this has catered to endless demands of people but at the same time has affected the health of a highly computer addictive generation. At present, IT market is doing quite good in almost every corner of the world. Did you ever try to focus on what basis does this industry is growing? Well, of course, on computers. Now, I think this is enough to define the eminence and influence of this wonderful machine.

  1. Domestic machines – Washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, ACs and much more, these all machines have become the first love of each and every home-maker lady. Right from cooking to cleaning, you can easily find a new machine available in the market to facilitate your work.

  1. iPod – To fight back stress, what can be better than music. And to listen to your favorite music all the time, iPod is something that everyone holds. This device has become one of the most popular ones in terms of entertainment.

The bottom line-

Technology if treated or seen with a profitable perspective can reap great benefits for us; otherwise it’s a waste of time, money and ruins our health only. Making the right use of it is completely up to you.

Silvia Smith