Different Type of Fries That Are Must-To-Try for Sure

Food is one thing that can give a dead foodie gooseflesh. Though, it is eaten to survive but now things have changed to a great extent. Different cuisines and cooking traditions have elevated the food industry standards. Resulting, it has expanded the food market and has given people the liberty to taste any dish or cuisine being in any corner of the world.

The upsurging standards of the food industry-

Be it the usage of commercial deep fryers or dish garnishing measures, everything changes almost every year. However, accepting such changes is a bit challenging but at the same time, it has somehow improvised the cooking standards. And its impact can be seen in our domestic kitchen where we have started using the www.simcogroup.com.au/equipment/gas-deep-fryers.html instead of ordinary fryers or cook-tops.

The bandwagon of using restaurant deep fryers from Sydney even for the domestic cooking use has somehow increased the mania for fries and other popular beverages.

Everyone’s first love- French Fries

Though, international cuisines have given us numberless food habits and dishes to taste on daily basis but there are some eatables which have become the love of everyone’s life in no time. And one of them is French fries which are often served to lure children on their birthday bashes.

No matter how hard diet plan you follow, fries are something that soon becomes your weak point thus you can’t resist it at any cost. And now with time, it’s getting even harder when there are countless options available in French. Yes, all the fries lovers, you heard that right.

In no time, we are bestowed to taste fellow friends of ordinary French fries. Here is a list of fries that are ready to be your tempting buddy in the supper time.

  1. Waffle fries
  2. Garlic fries
  3. Cheese fries
  4. Tater Tots
  5. Belgian fries
  6. Shoe string fries
  7. Steak fries
  8. Sweet potato fries
  9. Potato wedges
  10. Chili cheese fries
  11. Smiley
  12. Cottage fries
  13. Nacho fries
  14. Salsa fries
  15. Truffle fries
  16. Pizza fries
  17. Curly fries
  18. Spanish Patata fries
  19. Honey butter fries
  20. Banana fries
  21. Zucchini fries
  22. Asparagus fries
  23. Crispy apple fries
  24. Eggplant fries
  25. Air baked fries
  26. Potato tornado fries
  27. Pommes soufflés

Well, this list is endless. You can find out the recipe of any of the fries on Google or YouTube easily.

The basic concept of fries is you can cook, toss or garnish them with whichever dip you love the most. Whether it is a pasta white sauce or creamy cheese blend, fries are quite good to have with anything you love.

The concluding words-

Being the perfect snack for the evening, fries come under the list of most-desirable and preferred snack all over the world. On top of this, a number of fries option and types have amended more spices in our supper time. All in all, fries are the new hot shot in the town which we can’t get enough of it.

Silvia Smith