Plates for restaurants

Plates for restaurants RESTORATION PLATE Tableware pro: vary your presentations with our range of plates for restaurants. Choose the material of your restaurant tableware, stainless steel, plastic, wood or porcelain. Chomette distributes a large number of brands: Chef and Sommelier, Arcoroc, Revol Porcelain, Steelite, etc. From coffee mugs to services to restaurant plates, discover our […]

Commercial fridge

Shop all the best commercial fridges at Petra Equipment today. Petra Equipment sell all type of catering equipment from commercial dishwashers to commercial deep fryers. Unique and high-end features Fridges When you invest in a Petra freezer or refrigerator, you benefit from the unique and upmarket refrigerated storage features of our company that set us […]

Kitchen makeovers Brisbane

Kitchen makeovers Brisbane With the arrival of programs like M6déco or Recherche appartement or maison, many homeowners choose to renovate their kitchen with Kitchen makeovers Brisbane. If you are part of it then do not hesitate to look for a contractor specialized in interior renovation. Take your time ! In Paris and the Paris region, […]

Where And Why Food Warmers Are Required?

Whether it is your favorite cheesy pasta or steamed rice, food is a delectable experience if enjoyed hot. Throughout the years, the food industry has adopted technology in several means and improvised its form and cooking criteria to a great extent. Earlier, to have picture perfect and tasty food, people used to head toward restaurants […]

How is Technology Shaping The Future?

Think of a morning when you won’t get to see your mobile phone, washing machines or any other technical luxury. Seems like a nightmare, isn’t it? Well, by the time technology has knocked our doors, it has become almost impossible to live without it. Be it entertainment or profession, everything seems impossible without technology. Undoubtedly, […]