10 Interesting Facts About The Sydney Opera House

Those who are in love with traveling or are fortunate enough to be a native of Australia can understand the value of living in this exotic country. Right from the atmosphere to people, everything is just beyond lovely here. This land of most jaw-dropping beaches has given the entire world the tastiest pancakes and most lustrous wines. But apart from all these elements, there is something for which Australia is world widely popular. Thinking what’s that? Well, it’s nothing else but Sydney Opera House which is acknowledged as the biggest attraction or more of a symbol for Australia.

Sydney Opera House-

Located on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbor, this epic architectural masterpiece is exactly opposite to the Sydney Harbor Bridge which is a prime location of Australia. If you are somewhere nearby Sydney central business district then witnessing this beautiful architectural piece is just within walking distance.

In a case of million others, if you haven’t got the opportunity to visit Australia and seek more details about the Sydney Opera House then here is all that you need to know about it. Check out and explore more about this exotic place without stepping out of your room.

  1. Jorn Utzon is the architect behind this wonderful creation called Sydney Opera House. He is one of the highly preferred architects in the entire world, who had served Australia but belonged, brought up and born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He battled and then won the international competition of architectural designing which held in 1956.
  1. His (Jorn Utzon) architectural designed proved to be a great question or concern of debate. Due to some offensive actions, the Askin Government earned a special power in 1965 with which they withheld all the property of Utzon which made him left Australia forever.
  1. Sydney Opera House is renowned for displaying the best art and creation of dance. And to encourage the passion of many toddlers born and brought up in Australia are fortunate enough to become a part of dance classes ropes crossing or classical ballet classes in Sydney just to ignite that passion of dancing and performing in the Sydney Opera House.
  1. Initially, the land of Sydney Opera House was all set to be launched as a Fort but later the plan changed.
  2. The actual amount to be spent on Sydney Opera House was $ 7 million but until closing the project, the total amount turned to be $ 120 million.
  3. For the accurate construction of Sydney Opera House, almost 10,000 workers were hired and it was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II.
  4. Sydney Opera House uses the most exotic Topaz glasses which were made with custom-made specifications. These glasses were designed by the world widely popular Boussois-Souchon-Neuvesel.
  5. The actual designing of the Sydney Opera House is all dependent and stands on a single pillar.
  6. The Sydney Opera House has ample amount of space inside where 7 different performance venues can be settled up easily.
  7. The Grand Organ in the Sydney Opera House has the biggest musical instrument in the world.

All these factors make this epic building, one of the highly renowned architectural pieces in the world.

Silvia Smith