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I had worked in the same setting for nearly ten years, and during the last seven years of that time, there’d been a very shy, timid, but also, breathtakingly beautiful woman in the cubicle next to mine. She would walk past me each morning upon her arrival, and the scent of her perfume wafted into my brain and made me feel the twinge in the front of my pants. Yes, I wanted her, but, she was so withdrawn, and, I wasn’t much of a lady’s man, so, I assumed nothing would ever happen.

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It was a Friday evening, we were closing down the office for the weekend and it was the middle of August and the skies had been showing ominous clouds for about an hour, and then those clouds opened up to release a torrential downpour. The thunder shook the windows, the lightening was sharp and meant business. As I grabbed my umbrella and headed for the door, I could see a worried look on her face.


I asked if everything was all right, to which she replied she was going to have to walk home in the thunderstorm and wasn’t looking forward to it. I almost hesitated, not sure how to say it without seeming too eager, but, I finally managed to ask if she’d like a ride home, even though my voice cracked like some teenager asking a girl to the sock-hop for that night. To my surprise, she accepted and was thankful.

I shared my umbrella as we ran to my car, and my hand was trembling so badly, I could barely unlock the passenger side door to let her in. Running around to the driver’s side, I shut the door behind me, I shook a bit and droplets of water sprayed into her face. We both laughed. She had a magnificent laugh, not just in her expression, but the sound, yes, it was all too perfect. It was nearly eight blocks to her apartment, and after parking by her door, I was hoping we would become better friends, but I didn’t expect any more than that. She offered me something to drink as a thank you for giving her a ride, and suddenly I was in her apartment. The décor was much what I’d have expected it to be: subtle colors, everything in its place, a grown-up design that reminded me of the scene I’d seen once when watching erotic sex videos. She grabbed two towels, using one and offering the other to me to dry my face off, and the warmth of the plush terry cloth felt good on my skin. And the smell! Everything in the world seemed to remind me of her perfume, it was intoxicating. Her blouse had gotten just wet enough, it was clinging to her large breasts, and each time she inhaled and exhaled, I wanted to reach out and touch them.

She poured me a drink and we sat at her dining room table, talking as if we’d known one another for years, which, basically we had, but never really chatted before. We ended up mixing eggs into a large omelet to share for dinner, and then by 10 pm, I thought it would be polite for me to leave. Walking me to the door, she was the gracious hostess, thanking me again for my kindness and saying she looked forward to seeing me at work on Monday.

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